RTS- 10 Years, ZERO LTAs!


RTS All Blue with RCongratulations to Ross Transportation Services, Inc. (RTS) on reaching ten years with ZERO Lost Time Accidents (LTA)!  RTS kept on truckin’ right through its goal on March 14, 2017!

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This is the FIRST TIME RTS has reached this milestone since it began tracking LTAs.
This means RTS safely traveled, on average, 2,740 miles per day over the past year maneuvering through many types of weather, road conditions and dealing with other drivers. 

 This is all thanks to RTS’ world-class drivers, support staff of mechanics and all of its exceptional administrative professionals. 

 “It takes a lot to get from point A to point B safely and it all starts with a safe environment and maintaining safe equipment.  So, I would like to congratulate and thank not only the RTS Drivers who are on the front lines but also the mechanics that keep the equipment in order, the administrators that take care of the people and the jobs, and of course, everyone from each of the other two companies! This achievement is everyone’s!

– Bill Cromling III, President of RTS 

“It has become an annual event at RTS.  Every spring we announce our ZERO LTA streak.  The decision RTS employees make to operate safely is the most important one they make every day they come to work.  The support RTS gets from EHS is second to none.  I am proud to be a part of a group that not only believes in the work that they do, but believes in doing it safely.  My thanks and congratulations go out to the 27 other RTS associates.”

– Chris Fada, RTS General Manager

Congratulations to everyone who keeps safety on their mind in everything they do!