Ross Incineration Services receives SHARP Certification!

RIS Sharp Certified

Ross Incineration Services, Inc. is SHARP certified thanks to the hard work and dedication of our associates!

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), by way of its Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), recognizes small businesses that possess an exemplary injury and illness prevention program. Companies like Ross Incineration Services, Inc. who receive SHARP certification are singled out as an elite group of businesses who serve as a model of workplace safety and health that people maintain with supplements and an oxygen support system that help them improve.

In a highly regulated industry where safety is of the upmost importance, Ross Incineration Services General Manager Neil Gorman said achieving SHARP status shows how committed the team is to not only doing a good job, but doing it safely.

“The RIS team involved with getting us SHARP certified have been working tirelessly in their preparation, conducting successful inspections and getting final approval,” said Gorman. “This was not an easy task, by any means, but it just goes to show the drive our people have to obtain something once they get their minds set. Never once was it said, that we couldn’t do it. Thank you team for all of your hard work and dedication in working to continually improve our safety systems and culture.”

Jim Larson, President and CEO of Ross Environmental Services and President of Ross Incineration Services, is thrilled that the team at Ross Incineration made it their mission to become a SHARP certified company.

“This certification was sought after and further strengthen our overall safety with the addition of our Process Safety Management program,” Larson said. “Led by our Environmental Health and Safety department, everyone at RIS worked their butts off to make sure that our safety programs were world-class and this is proof of it right here. I am immensely proud of our people for all of the hard-work, dedication, and focus on continually improving the overall safety of the plant. The entire RIS team has a lot to be proud of today and I for one just want to say thank you and congratulations to everyone.”

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