Ross Incineration Services, Inc. celebrates four years of safety success!

Over the last four years, Ross Incineration Services, Inc. associates processed over 628,000,000 pounds of waste while not only protecting themselves but also their co-workers, neighbors, community and environment!

In an industry that hinges on safety, RIS associates continue to demonstrate their commitment to working safely. It is because of this commitment that RIS has completed several capital projects and achieved multiple safety milestones such as:

  • Four years with ZERO Lost Time Accidents (LTAs)
  • Recertification of RIS’ SHARP status
  • New LED lighting installed
  • New Control Room & Associate Building
  • More than 1,100 Near Misses reported
  • Over 10,000 work orders completed
  • 293 MOCs written to improve safety at RIS
  • New Computerized Maintenance Management Software
  • Over 250 Safety Committee action items implemented
  • More than 500 EHS-related trainings completed

It is through the Ross Group of companies’ continual improvement culture and our associates’ commitment to safety that RIS has been able to achieve all this and more.