Ross Group of Companies Celebrate 70th Anniversary with Time Capsule Burial

The Ross Group of companies marked 70 years in the county and community by hosting a time capsule burial celebration on September 25th.

The celebration was held at the original family farmhouse where the organization was first started by its founders, Robert and Ada May Ross, in 1949. Several Ross associates and members of the community attended the event to snap photos, sign the time capsule, witness the burial and celebrate the companies’ growth and success over the last 70 years.

After some opening remarks, the time capsule, which was filled with vintage photographs and several unique pieces of the organization’s 70-year history, was lowered into the ground by Robert and Ada May Ross’ grandchildren, Bill Cromling III and Jon Cromling, who currently own and operate the businesses.

Looking back on the companies’ evolution and longevity in Lorain County, Bill Cromling III, Ross Transportation Services, Inc. President, called it a privilege to be able to capture the last 70 years for future generations.

“This all started because my grandparents saw a a community need that had to be filled,” said Bill Their vision and care for the community carried over to my mother and father, Maureen (Ross) Cromling and Bill Cromling II, and continues with my brother and I as well as the 260+ associates who make the companies what they are today. This is our way of paying homage to the past 70 years while embracing the future.” The time capsule will not be opened again until 2049 for the Ross Group of companies 100th anniversary.

“It’s an honor to continue the legacy, as the third generation, and continue to build on the vision and values with which our grandparents started the business,” Jon Cromling, Ross Environmental Services, Inc. VP of Property and Land Development, said.  “We look forward to opening the capsule in 30 years to see how much we have grown as we continue to honor the family principles that have brought us so far already.”

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About the Ross Group of Companies

The Ross Group of companies, which are comprised of Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Ross Transportation Services, Inc., have been a pioneer in hazardous and industrial waste management for 70 years. The companies protect the environment and provide a full spectrum of professional environmental services including incineration, transportation and other treatment technologies to meet the needs of manufacturers, recycling firms, waste management providers and remediation contractors. The companies pride themselves on being good stewards of the community and avid supporters of the Midview Local School District by way of its philanthropic arm, the Ross Foundation, Inc.