Ross Foundation Grant Form


The Ross Foundation meets to review applications for grant requests no less than once every three months.  To be included in the next round of grant considerations, all information must be submitted one month before the next Board of Director’s meeting.  The Director’s meet in March, June, September & December.

Application Deadline Decision
February 1 March
May 1 June
August 1 September
November 1 December

Note: Failure to include any of the items requested will delay consideration of the grant proposal or possibly a denial of the request.

What Are Grants?

Grants are funds provided to non-profits and/or 501c3s to underwrite the costs of specific projects or programs. Non-profits write grant proposals describing the project they have in mind and the amount of money they need; proposals are reviewed in a competitive process, and only certain projects or programs receive the money they request. Grants are made to support ONLY the work described in the grant proposal, and they are typically limited to the time period described in the grant proposal.

What Do Grants Support?

Grants end. This means that grants are NOT a good choice for funding programs that cannot be supported, in the long run, by fees or by your institutional budget. It is a good idea to write a grant proposal for the following types of expenses:

  • One-time expenses associated with launching or expanding a program
  • Short-term projects that can be completed within a predictable period of time
  • Seed money for ongoing programs that can be funded through other means in the long term
  • Professional development opportunities (training staff to handle new laws, new program elements, new software, etc.)


Handled by the Ross Group of companies (Ross Environmental Services, Inc.)
Sponsorships are awarded via the What We Do Matters fund that provides support to organizations in which associates and/or their families are directly involved.  At this time, external requests are not being accepted.

What Are Sponsorships?

Sponsorships are cash or in-kind gifts make by corporations (or other non-profits), usually in exchange for marketing/advertising consideration. When you attend your local community theatre or choral concert, take a look at the program: you’ll most likely find a list of “our sponsors,” and you may even see that sponsors have large, full-page ads in the programs. Sponsorships also help to pay for very visible fundraising events such as runs, walks, and marathons, where their logo can be imprinted on runners’ shirts and swag bags. Corporate sponsors are also among the most important funders for exhibits, public radio, and local television.

What Do Sponsorships Fund?

Because the vast majority of sponsorships are made in exchange for marketing and/or advertising, the key to sponsorship opportunities is visibility. Thus, it makes sense to seek sponsors for public events or programs where corporate logos can be easily seen by the general public. Here are just a few of the types of projects for which sponsorship is a good match.

Ross Foundation Grant Application

PLEASE NOTE: Because of regulation, policy and/or budget limitations, the Ross Foundation does not contribute to: Organizations without Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status; Religious organizations; Individuals; Political parties, offices or candidates; Fraternal, labor or veteran’s organizations; Organizations which cannot provide adequate accounting records or procedures; Individual scholarships or travel abroad opportunities for adults or students, and Courtesy advertising or fundraising ticket sales.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc.
    • Purpose • Explanation of need or reason • Description of audience/participants • Timeline for implementation • Goals • How program outcomes will be measured
  • Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, pdf, docx, doc.
    Please include a listing of any and all funding that has been acquired or requested for the project to date.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.