Regulatory Programs



Ross Incineration Services, Inc. (RIS) is committed to ensuring that past and present waste management practices do not have an adverse impact on the community or environment. The company has invested millions of dollars in the facility to be certain that its operations meet or exceed EPA requirements for safe waste management operations.

RIS has a comprehensive environmental assessment and monitoring program in place. Additionally, as a condition of its RCRA Operating Permit granted by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ross Incineration is participating in the Corrective Action program. Through this program, the company is enhancing its comprehensive monitoring efforts to provide further assurances that it has operated in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment.

The Corrective Action program is intended to make certain that past waste management practices do not have an adverse impact on human health and the environment. Ross Incineration has participated in the program since 1989 and has completed an investigation of its site to determine if there has been any release to the environment.

One component of RIS’ environmental assessment program includes the evaluation of groundwater at more than 60 wells strategically placed throughout the facility. In addition, routine groundwater monitoring at the facility has provided thousands of individual pieces of groundwater data collected over more than 20 years. The company has tested groundwater, surface water, soil and sediment for more than 200 hazardous substances to characterize the Ross Incineration facility. All of this information was submitted to the Ohio EPA in April of 2009 in RIS’ RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) Report.

In a letter dated June 10, 2011, the Ohio EPA approved RIS’ RFI report which concluded the investigative and reporting phase of the Corrective Action program. Because the Corrective Action program is part of RIS’ Ohio Part B RCRA permit, the Ohio EPA has indicated that they will implement a permit modification to memorialize the program.  RIS and Ohio EPA will utilize the findings of the RFI Report to determine controls to further minimize risks.  More information will be provided to the community as RIS and Ohio EPA move through this process.

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