We offer a complete line of waste containers.

We offer a complete line of waste containers. For more information about these products, and for pricing information, please contact sales.

Salvage Drums
salvage drums
Steel salvage drums are offered in a variety of sizes, gauges and colors, which are available with straight sides or nested. The covers for these drums are closed with a 12-gauge bolted ring and welded lugs to prevent leakage.  Sizes available are:  85 gallon steel – UN 1A2/X/400/S – to overpack 55 gallon drums  110 gallon steel – UN 1A2/X/445/S – to overpack 85 gallon drums, 16 gauge steel

Poly-Overpack Drums
poly overpack

We offer the 95 gallon poly-overpack drum for hazardous materials. This is a 100% polyethylene drum. Its features include:  Unique twist-on lid, requiring no tools to seal  31 inch top diameter  Designed to accept all 55 gallon drums  Packaging group I, II, III  UN 1H2/X/295/S  UN 1H2/Y/318/S

Waste Wranglers

We also offer waste wranglers for handling bulk solids. They have the following characteristics:  1 cubic yard capacity or 2500 pounds  Takes the place of four 55 gallon drums  Packing Group I, II, III  Can be double-stacked  Outside is waterproof woven polypropylene  Triple wall container, polyethylene liner (6.0 mil) with or without 4 lift loops  36 inch X 36 inch X 36 inch  UN 11HH2/X/MM (composite intermediate bulk container)