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We’re here to help you manage your environmental challenges

Your Territory Sales Manager and your Technical Services Coordinator are your contacts for solutions to your environmental service needs. They can work with you to evaluate your needs and then walk you through the simple steps needed to efficiently manage your waste streams. They can arrange for the management of your waste streams using a number of different technologies including incineration, recycling, land-filling and deep well injection. Finally, you can also work with our Field Services Project Manager who will provide you with a detailed proposal to meet your field service’s needs.

Sales Contacts

Click here to find the sales contacts for your area.

Step 1 – Waste Stream Approval

Should your waste require treatment or disposal, then the waste management process will start with Waste Stream Approval. We will ask you to complete a Waste Product Survey (WPS) form which will provide us with detailed information about your waste stream and assist us in recommending the most appropriate treatment technology as well as in determining pricing and handling of the material.

Click here to download a copy of the WPS form You can view and print this form and then scan/fax it back to the Customer Service Department when it is completed.

Along with the WPS, for new waste streams, we ask you to submit waste component verification information to confirm that the constituents are at the concentrations indicated on the WPS. This can either be a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), current analytical data, or copies of product labels, which show the constituents. If you need assistance with component verification, we can arrange for analysis of a sample of your waste stream.

Once our chemists have reviewed the WPS data, the Customer Service Department will send you a Quotation and a Service Agreement (Waste Management Agreement or WMA) to sign and return to us.

Third party customers (including TSDFs, brokers, consultants): please contact our Sales Department for more information on service agreements. E-mail our Sales Department for information:

After you complete the Service Agreement, and approvals are in place, you can call to schedule shipment of your waste materials.

Step 2 – Scheduling

Scheduling your loads for shipment is a very simple process. You just contact the Ross Environmental Logistics Department by phone at 1-800-783-6555 or e-mail to:

You can also click here to download a Scheduling Request Form.  This is another form that you can view and print and then fax back to the Logistics Department after it is completed.

If you use an outside carrier to transport your wastes (transporter other than Ross Transportation) please review the Outside Carrier Scheduling & Receiving Requirements prior to shipping.

When scheduling shipments, remember that only waste streams and containers that have been quoted can be shipped. The WPS number, container size and container count information are needed for each waste material that is being scheduled. Have a question? Contact the Logistics Department by phone at 1-800-783-6555 or e-mail to:

For more information on shipping materials, see the fact sheet on Container Labeling Factsheet. All of these fact sheets and more in the Download Center can be viewed and printed.