Ross Foundation, Inc.


The Ross Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our communities and addressing community needs by supporting programs that benefit education, health & wellness and economic development. The Foundation operates on the belief that business, as a corporate citizen, has a responsibility to play a meaningful role in the communities where it operates and draws its associates.

Areas of Interest

The Foundation is especially interested in programs that address the educational needs of the community. This includes programs of the Midview Local School District, adult education programs and public library programs.

The Ross Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations in Lorain County and particularly within the geographical area encompassed by the Midview Local School District.

Grants are usually awarded for a one-year period, but multi-year proposals will also be considered. The Foundation focuses on program equipment and some capital requests as opposed to general operational support or capital debt reduction.

The Ross Foundation only awards grants to non-profit organizations that qualify as exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Precluded Activities

Because of regulation, policy or budget limitations, the Ross Foundation does not contribute to:

  • Organizations without Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status;
  • Religious organizations;
  • Individuals;
  • Political parties, offices or candidates;
  • Fraternal, labor or veteran’s organizations;
  • Organizations which cannot provide adequate accounting records or procedures;
  • Individual scholarships or travel abroad opportunities for adults or students, and
  • Courtesy advertising or fundraising ticket sales.


Application Procedures

All applications for grants are considered by the Board of Directors of the Ross Foundation.

Grant seekers should submit a written proposal on their organization’s letterhead, signed by the president or executive director. It is recommended that grant seekers contact the Foundation Administrator regarding the funding cycle and availability of funds prior to submitting a written proposal. Grant seekers must provide the following information when submitting a proposal for funding:

  • Name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail and web site address of the organization;
  • Name and title of a contact person;
  • A brief description of the organization’s history, purpose and membership composition;
  • Names and titles of all members of the organization’s Board of Trustees;
  • Proof of 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status;
  • A description of the program for which funding is being requested – including its purpose; explanation of need or reason for the program; a description of its clientele/audience; a timeline for implementation; a statement of its goals and a detailed description of how program outcomes will be measured;
  • A detailed budget for the program, estimating income and expenditures which includes a listing of any and all funding that has been acquired for the project and a listing of any and all funding that has been requested for the program;
  • And, any letters of recommendation from members of the organization’s Board or clientele who will be served by the program.

Note: Failure to include any of the items requested will delay consideration of the grant proposal.


The Ross Foundation meets to review applications for grant requests no less than once every three months.  To be included in the next round of grant considerations, all information must be submitted one month before the next Board of Director’s meeting.  The Director’s meet in March, June, September & December.

Application Deadline Decision
February 1 March
May 1 June
August 1 September
November 1 December
Note: Failure to include any of the items requested will delay consideration of the grant proposal.

Grant Recipient Accountability

Any organizations which receive grants from the Ross Foundation must execute a Terms of Grant Form which spells out the grant recipient’s obligations. All organizations which receive grants must provide a plan for measurement of the program/project and report back to the Ross Foundation Board of Directors one year after receipt of the grant (or annually for grants that provide funding over a number of years.)

If a grant is made to an organization for a specific purpose, use of the funds by the organization for any other purpose will be considered a violation of the terms of the grant. If an organization must modify its original grant proposal at any time, it is their responsibility to contact the Foundation Administrator and discuss the changes that are being made. Major changes in program director or emphasis will be brought before the Foundation Board of Trustees for their review and approval.

Contacting The Foundation

Grant applicants are encouraged to contact the Ross Foundation Administrator prior to submitting their grant proposal. To contact the Ross Foundation, Inc. Administrator, please fill out this form:  

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