Useful Links

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA)

Listing of links to U.S. EPA websites – including the 10 regional offices and other useful sites.

U.S. Department of Transportation (US-DOT)

Listing of links to U.S. DOT websites.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Listing of links to OSHA websites.

State of Ohio Links

Listing of links to Ohio government information and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency websites.

MSDS Search & Chemical Information

Links to websites that search for MSDS information and provide chemical formulas, chemical names, etc.

  • MSDS Solutions

    Offers a free MSDS search service to users. There is also a hazardous materials info section that contains a lot of useful information.

  • MSDS Search National Repository

    Includes a number of MSDS search sites from universities and government agencies.

  • Chembiofinder

    Finds chemical formulas from CAS numbers or chemical names and provides physical data for the chemicals.

  • Sheffield Chemputer

    Calculates weight percentages, includes periodic table and other useful information from the University of Sheffield.

  • WebElements

    the periodic table is also available on the world wide web from the University of Sheffield.

  • Sheffield Chemdex

    a listing of chemistry sites on the world wide web.

Industry News Sources

Listing of links to online sources of updated industry and environmental news.

Federal Register

The Federal Register online database.

Industry & Trade Associations

Listing of links to major Ohio and national industry and trade associations.

Northeast Ohio Links

Learn more about Lorain County and Northeast Ohio from these websites – the North Coast is a great place to live, work and raise a family!