Family Owned Business

Cromling Family

The Ross companies are family-owned businesses.  The companies were founded in 1949 by Robert and Ada May Ross.

Today, the second and third generations of family ownership are leading the Ross companies:   Maureen Ross Cromling and her husband, William Cromling II, and their children, Jon and William Cromling III.

The company Robert and Ada May Ross founded grew over the years to become the Ross companies: Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Ross Transportation Services. Since taking the reins of leadership of the organization, the second and third generations of family ownership have grown the enterprise, and today, it includes a number of companies that provide a diverse array of services.

In 2015, the family owners wanted to find a way to connect and define these groups of affiliated, growing business enterprises, to prepare for future growth and to capture their values, so they chose the name of “The RossWay Group®” as a unifying brand name for the enterprises.

To learn more about The RossWay Group®, click here: The RossWay Group®.