About The RossWay Group®

The members of The RossWay Group® are companies that are affiliated through common ownership and committed to values derived from their strong, principled family owners.

In 1949, Robert and Ada May Ross founded Robert Ross Industrial Disposal and instilled their values into both their business and their family life. They include integrity, innovation and commitment.

  • Integrity –being honest, having strong moral values and doing things right.
  • Innovation – always incorporating the best available technology, people and practices; being solution-focused and looking for ways to continuously improve our businesses now and in the future.
  • Commitment – being committed to our associates, our customers, our community, our suppliers and our environment. We have a commitment to provide the best services and products to our customers; to enable our associates to have safe, challenging and rewarding careers; and to be actively involved in our community.

These family values have carried through from the first generation of Bob and Ada Ross to the second and third generations of family ownership: Maureen (Ross) Cromling, her husband Bill Cromling II, and their sons Jon and Bill Cromling III.

The company Robert and Ada May Ross founded grew over the years to become the Ross companies: Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Ross Transportation Services. Since taking the reins of leadership of the organization, the second and third generations of family ownership have grown the enterprise, and today, it includes a number of companies that provide a diverse array of services.

Over time, the Ross family name has come to be associated with the values that the family and their businesses stand on. Since 1949, these values have guided the business and they have become the “Ross Way” of doing business.

In 2015, the family owners wanted to find a way to connect and define these groups of affiliated, growing business enterprises, to prepare for future growth and to capture their values, so they chose the name of “The RossWay Group®” as a unifying brand name for the enterprises.

It is a brand name that reflects how each of the member companies conduct business today and how they will continue to conduct themselves in the future.

The owners of The RossWay Group® are proud to be a family-owned business and have a commitment to continued family ownership in the future. They wanted to express this pride in family business ownership through a tagline and chose Family Owned, Future Focused®.

The RossWay Group® will continue to uphold the rich heritage and values that have provided their solid foundation since 1949 while looking for new ways to provide outstanding services to customers; protect the environment; and play a meaningful role in the community now and in the future.

The RossWay Group® logo

The RossWay Group® logo features a tree design, symbolic of a Witness Tree, which is a term utilized for an incredibly old, tree that has “witnessed” the history of an area. When clearing a field to plant crops, a farmer would sometimes leave a single tree in the field as a visual guidepost that he could follow. Over the years, this lone tree would remain and would be a “witness” to the history of the area.

The RossWay Group® has roots in a family that trace back many generations in Eaton Township, Ohio. From settlers who arrived in the township in 1839, to a teacher who taught in a one room school house early in the 1900’s, the family has played a significant role in the local community.

On farmland adjacent to the original family farm, there is a Witness Tree, which has stood throughout the history of Eaton Township and the history of The RossWay Group®. While we can’t ascertain the exact age of this Bur Oak Tree, experts have estimated it to be more than 300 years old.

This silent sentinel of local history has been incorporated into The RossWay Group® logo. Its roots represent the solid foundation and family values that the companies have been built upon. It provides a guidepost for the companies to follow into the future ensuring that they are always following the Ross Way.

Members of The RossWay Group® provide a variety of goods and services. Click this link to learn more:
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